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Secure, functional and stylish, Modern roller shutters will become your new favourite 
home accessory! Australian made roller shutters combined with over 40 years’ experience
means choosing a window roller shutter that will not only improve your home’s value but
add extra security and privacy couldn’t be easier!

There Has Never Been a Window Furnishing Packed With So Many Benefits

Benefits of Choosing Modern Roller Shutters

Added Security
Modern roller shutters ensure your home is protected at all times.

Beat the heat as window shutters reflect the hot summer sun. Keep your home cool with minimal effort!

Energy Saving
Insulated design means you no longer need to rely on air conditioning and heating as heavily as before.

Australian Made
Locally made roller shutters mean you can ensure your shutters are of the highest quality and can be installed quickly.

Noise and Light Control
Perfect for those who work nights, live near a busy road or have young sleeping children who want total environment control.

Privacy Control
Modern roller shutters provide year-round privacy, blocking out prying eyes at the convenient push of a button.

Types of Box

The head box is designed to completely enclose the working parts of the shutter. The shutter slats are concealed in the head box when in the UP position. Due to the strength of the shape and the lightweight aluminium, the box will not bend over itself. Unlike steel boxing, the cut edges are protected by the corrosion resistant properties of the aluminium. The cast aluminium end plates are fitted using aluminium rivets, therefore offering the best resistance to galvanic corrosion or electrolysis, caused by using dissimilar materials.



Types of Slats

Modern roller shutters are the perfect addition to any home. With a variety of colours and styles to choose from, we can arrange the most suitable roller shutter for your home. Not only do roller shutters look great but they act as a deterrent against unwanted intruders gaining access to your home.

MOD400 Roller Shutters

Insulation, added security, wide range of colours, protection from the elements, light and noise control.


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MOD55 Roller Shutters

Designed to suit larger window spans the MOD55 has similar benefits to the M0D400, including insulation, wide range of colours, protection from the elements, light and noise control.

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Types of Operating System

Electric Roller Shutters

Electric roller shutters provide convenience and efficiency for the whole family. Modern use the latest electrical operation systems from Somfy Tubular Motors. Our electronic roller shutters are available in a range of remote control options.

Manual Roller Shutters

Provides a smooth, effortless motion in opening and to close, it is as simple as pulling the shutters down by using the handles provided, then locking in place.

Battery Operated Roller Shutter

Modern’s market-leading SmartDrive system gives you full control of your window shutters at the touch of a button; at a price comparable to a manual winder system.

Available Colours

Our Roller Shutters are available in a wide range of popular colours which will improve the look of your home.

Free In-House Consultation

Why Choose Modern

The team at Modern take immense pride in being at the forefront of roller shutter technology. Modern roller shutters are produced locally and continually tested to perfect our roller shutters for proven performance.

Proudly Australian

We have been in the home improvement industry for over 40 years. This has allowed us to create a quality, tested product that Australians love.

Quick Installation

Wait only 4-8 weeks to have your shutters custom made, shipped and installed by our expert team of installers.

Effective Insulation

Modern roller shutters can effectively help to reduce your heating and cooling costs

Quality Assured

Our roller shutters are continually tested to ensure they are of the highest quality possible.

Environmentally Friendly

At Modern, we pride ourselves on being as environmentally friendly as possible.  

Low Maintenance

Roller shutters are incredibly easy to maintain. No complex cleaning products and difficult material. Just a quick wipe or hose down to remove any debris is all you need.

Take advantage of a free
in-house consultation.


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