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Complimentary Roof Inspection – Get an Accurate Cost for a New Roof


Roof Replacement Sydney

Transform and upgrade your old tired roof with a roof replacement from Modern.

A new roof can completely change the look of your home to be the envy of every house on the street.

Modern are the leaders in providing complete roof replacements for residential Australian homes. With over 40 years in the trade, our roofing specialists have worked with every material and roof imaginable when it comes to re-roofing.

While it may be tempting to keep making repairs to an old roof, in the long term, the cost and benefits or completely re-roofing will often be more cost efficient than the constant repairs. Roof replacements are solid home improvement investments, whether your roof is beyond repairing, or whether you’re just looking for a new contemporary colour to lift the style and value of your home.

​Common Problems

Australia is known for its strong sun and often harsh weather conditions. Your roof acts as a shield protecting your home from the elements, which is why overtime it becomes damaged and problematic.

Common problems which occur on roofs include:

  • Structural problems caused by leaking roof
  • Short sheets rust in overlaps where moisture is trapped between sheets
  • Loose of missing nails
  • Poor workmanship
  • Leaking or rusted gutters
  • Galvanised iron past its used by date


​An Accurate Cost for the Roof Replacement  

One of the most common, but difficult questions when it comes to quoting roof replacements is – How much will it cost?

We can offer a free comprehensive consultation, assessment and inspection to provide a costing breakdown for re-roofing your home. Our roofing professionals can talk to you through your options to determine whether a roof replacement is the best course of action, or whether an expert roof restoration will do the trick.

Genuine COLORBOND© Sheeting & Similar Steel Alternatives  

Genuine COLORBOND sheeting is provided solely by the Australian manufacturer One Steel. Simply look on the at the underside of your roofing to see the factory imprint stating ‘COLORBOND steel made by BlueScope Steel’ to determine if it’s the real deal. We work with COLORBOND for our roof replacements due to their longevity, sturdiness and range of contemporary colours.

Improved Home Insulation, Lower Power Bills

COLORBOND metal roof replacements come with THERMATECH© technology. This means in summer, energy use can be reduced up to 20% by reducing the transfer of heat indoors, meaning less reliance on your air conditioning. You can even choose any colour you like without concern over the heat reflection properties of darker vs lighter colours – Even dark roof colours with THERMATECH are still just as effective as reflecting roof heat on your new roof replacement.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Leaves a maintenance free roof and gives you peace of mind
  • Protects your home from the elements
  • Continuous length of roof sheet with no joins
  • Screw fixing – not nailed
  • Allows for a change of colour or appearance
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Beautifies your home and makes it more aesthetically pleasing

Roof Repair Services Around Australia

Modern Group takes pride in excellent Australian craftsmanship. Our home improvement specialists are passionate about delivering high-quality residential repair and roof restoration in Sydney and all other cities in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia. Because we are committed to improving every property in the country, we use only the latest technologies and utilise proven techniques in making every home resilient to extreme weather conditions that pose danger not just to house exteriors but to the entire residential structure.

Your roof does not only make up around 40% of your exteriors, but it also serves as a very important structural element for safe and comfortable living conditions. Periodic maintenance is necessary to lengthen the life and usability of your roof. Modern’s roof repair experts have over forty years of trusted experience in effectively resolving common problems such as leaks, rusting, and missing nails. Because our focus is holistic roofing solutions and never just patch repair works, we can conduct a thorough inspection of your roofing to determine whether or not re-roofing is necessary.

If you need a roof replacement or roof restoration in Sydney or anywhere around Australia, know that you can always rely on us. We commit to guaranteed results, exceptional services, and customised solutions that will help you save money in the long run and increase the value of your property.

Roof Replacement Reviews

Thank you for a wonderful job on my roof.

“The colour is fantastic and it has given the whole house a ‘lift’. The roof looks fantastic, and I know that it is safe and secure which has added value and benefits that will last for years. I would recommend your services to others who are considering getting a new roof done as well. Great work!”

C. Hampton

Cliff did a great job working on our roof - it was as if he was working on his own house.

“The last couple of times we had a storm and heavy wind, it blew a couple of tiles off. Now, I don’t like heights, we called the S.E.S but they wouldn’t come out – and it was about to pour again. I’d seen the TV programs of Modern, and a couple colleagues from work said that they had got their roof with Modern. They said it how it is – You get what you pay for. Cliff did a great job working on our roof – it was as if he was working on his own house. That was what really blew me away – The amount of time that he spent on the roof to get it perfect, there’s no way I could’ve done it. When anybody asks now, I tell them – If you need to get a roof done, get it done properly, get it done once, and give Modern a call.”

Alberto Saitta, Doreen VIC


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