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Solar power allows you to harness the powerful Australian sun to generate solar energy – the cleanest, greenest and most viable form of renewable energy available for powering your home. We use industry leading solar PV panel and inverter technology to ensure high and consistent energy production for your system. We specialise in small 2kw, 3kw, 4kw and 5kw systems and have the capacity to offer higher customised systems.

By installing Modern Solar Panels, you can:

  • Reduce, or even eliminate, your power bills
  • Avoid future energy price hikes
  • Help reduce your carbon footprint as it is a clean energy alternative
  • Eliminate any contribution to global warming, acid rain or smog – solar power actively contributes to the decrease of harmful greenhouse gas emissions
  • Solar energy produces no waste and no pollution

How Does Solar Power Electricity Work?

Sunlight hits the photovoltaic (PV) panel array and is absorbed by the silicon in the cells. The electrons produced by this create a direct current (DC) and run from the solar array into an inverter, which converts the electricity into an alternating current (AC).

This inverter can be placed either inside in a utility room or outside near the panels, and produces exactly the same type of power that you currently receive from the electricity grid. The AC power goes into your building and is used to run every day electrical items. Any excess power not used by your home is fed back into the grid, effectively running your electricity meter backwards!

Modern solar panel systems are silent, have no moving parts and require virtually no maintenance – all you need to do is sit back and enjoy free electricity straight from the sun!

Rebates & Credits

Solar Feed-In Tariffs

In Australia we have mainly net feed-in tariffs, where producers of solar electricity can sell surplus energy generated by their panels to the main electricity grid. Think of it as your own clean, green power station on your roof. Thanks to feed-in tariffs, generating solar energy is not only great for the environment but can be very helpful to the household budget as well. Think of it as your own clean, green power station on your roof.

A net feed-in tariff credits homeowners for any excess solar electricity that is not used within the home. Each state has their own feed-in tariff rate, with which they credit customers.

Solar Credit Schemes & STCs

When you invest in a Modern solar power system, you will be issued additional Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s), previously known as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), by the Federal Government under the Solar Credits scheme. Modern can purchase these credits at point of sale proportional to market value at the time, drastically reducing your upfront investment.

NB: STCs are calculated based on how many megawatt hours of electricity your system will generate over a 15 year period.

Common Solar Panel Questions

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels work by converting sunlight into a form of energy that can be used to power your home. Solar panels are made from Photovoltaic (PV) cells, which are comprised of silicon. When sunlight hits the cells, photons of light excite electrons into a higher state of energy – known as the “photovoltaic effect” – allowing them to act as carriers for an electric current. This current is passed through an inverter and converted from direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity.

How does installing solar panels help the environment?

Solar panels allow you to harness the powerful Australian sun to generate solar energy – the cleanest, greenest and most viable form of renewable energy available for powering your property. Solar energy doesn’t contribute to global warming, acid rain or smog. It produces no waste and no pollution and reduces reliance on Australia’s coal-fired electricity, which causes huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Will solar panels save me money?

By allowing you to harness the power of the sun to generate an independent source of electricity, solar panels will significantly reduce your energy bills. What’s more, if your solar panels produce more electricity than you use, you may be able to sell this excess power to the power grid. This is called a “feed-in tariff” and is paid in most states by your electricity company. Also, as a renewable energy provider, you are entitled to collect STCs (formerly RECs) – this can save you thousands of dollars on the price of a solar power system.

Are there rebates available to assist with costs of installing solar panels?

The Australian Government has implemented a wide range of financial incentives to reduce the initial cost of installing solar panels on your roof. State-level rebates are also available to many Australian customers.

Do solar panels require maintenance?

No! Solar panels will continue to operate silently and efficiently year-round and are virtually maintenance-free.

How do I arrange installation of solar panels?

Simply enquire online or call Modern Solar today to install solar panels today and start getting free electricity straight from the sun!

Commercial Solar – What size solar system should my business get?

Commercial systems generally vary between 10,000W to 100,000W or 100 to 1,000 square metres in size. The size of your system will depend on the extent to which you wish to offset your current electrical usage. Modern can help you determine the appropriate size for your business through assessment of your previous utility bills, the size of your facility and your energy load.

What kinds of organisations get solar systems?

Major players in almost every industry are jumping into renewable energy! Government institutions, public organisations and private entities are all beginning to experience the benefits of solar systems, savings thousands of dollars a year in bills and projecting a socially-responsible image.


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